The Caddo Boat Difference


We are committed to producing a high quality yet affordable fishing boat. Each component has been sourced with that commitment in mind.

All 316 Stainless Steel hinges, latches and cleats provide top quality and lasting value to your investment.


The Caddo 14 features a twin hull design with an impressive 7’ beam. Combined, these design elements allow two fishermen the ability to work safely together on one side of the boat as you land that record fish or race to that favorite fishing hole.


Our conformal fuel tanks, large open single level deck, shallow draft, integrated rod locker and below deck storage system are just a few ways we designed the Caddo 14 to provide the best of form and function. You now have one boat that will fish the flats, run across the reservoirs or skirt across that champion bass pond.

Features and Pricing

Every Caddo 14 comes loaded with everything you need to start fishing for a list price of $35,950.


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Caddo Boat News

Our goal is to start ramping up production in the summer of 2014. So far the response to our new boat has been very strong. Once our production line is in place we will have a full online shopping experience. For now why don't you sign our "List of Interest." You will be contacted before the ordering process opens to the public!

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